Click HERE for our Patient Referral form. Please email or fax completed form, along with pertinent diagnostics, to the service that you are referring to. Please note that each service located within Dogwood is a separate specialty service and emails are monitored by different teams. Contact information is listed below for the services.

24/7 Emergency

Fax: 804.716.4705 /


Fax: 804.497.8941

Fax: 804.740.5002

 Holistic Medicine

Fax: 804.325.1601

Internal Medicine

Fax: 804.282.4158

Neurology/Neurosurgery Fax: 804.716.4814


Fax: 804.482.2844

Onsite MRI

Fax: 804.716.4708  

Radioiodine I-131

Fax: 910.826.3783

VA VVSA CoBrand 2017 03 23
Fax: 804.716.4804