By developing a strong mission and set of core values early on, Dogwood has ensured that our growth & development builds from a strong foundation. These values shape where we are today and where we are going tomorrow. They also shape what you can expect from every experience with Dogwood.

We commit to stewardship in our community by embodying our core values of Compassionate Care, Serenity, Visionary Innovation and Partnership.

Foster Compassionate Care by embracing the concepts of: open and honest communication, kindness, respect, integrity, compassion & empathy.

Embody Peace and Serenity through the synergy of a warm, welcoming environment and a team of healthy, happy, inspired and empowered individuals.

Implement Visionary Innovation in both medicine and technology in order to provide unmatched specialty, patient and client care.

Develop Partnerships that are professional, kind and enduring between the DVESC family, our clients and the veterinary community.